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Even the most successful businesses can have their financial well-being put to the test by an extraordinary claim or lawsuit, which is why we suggest extra protection for:

  • Injuries to a customer caused by negligence
  • Vehicular injuries or damages (if your business involves vehicles)

What Is Commercial Casualty Insurance?

Casualty insurance is a broad category of coverage against loss of property, damage or other liabilities that includes vehicle insurance, liability insurance and theft insurance.

Can Casualty Insurance Be Combined With My Property Insurance?

Yes. Casualty and Property insurance are often sold together in a lumped business policy called Commercial Package Policy. However, each type of insurance covers very different aspects of a business, so business owners need to understand what each of those coverages entails.

Should I Combine An Umbrella With My Existing Casualty Insurance?

Because Umbrella (or Excess) insurance provides protection for claims in excess of the coverage under a business's primary casualty policy, it is generally recommended that most businesses protect themselves against larger catastrophic claims.

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